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Sky One FZE is an aviation services provider based in the UAE, operating on an international basis, and delivering excellence to each and every one of our clients. We offer an extensive range of services, including aviation fuel services, ground handling, and flight permit supporting, delivered by experts in the field that operate with quality as their priority. Our services are highly regarded by our clients, with many of them designating us as their go-to, one-stop-shop for all their aviation needs. We offer high-quality services that are tailormade for each of our client’s preferences, offering them an unparalleled degree of flexibility to satisfy all their requirements.

SkyOneFZE Aviation Fuel Services

Aviation Fuel Services

Sky One FZE is always committed to collaborating with new clients and progressing their aviation needs and requirements. Therefore, we have been working on implementing one of the safest and most efficient ways of providing all types of aviation fuel services. This is done after a thorough assessment of the many different ways our services could be carried out, with the help of experts in the industry. Our extensive global network of suppliers and handling agents enables us to provide our clients with fuel at any given time, and at the most competitive prices. We can give you our price guarantee that the corporate aviation option has our clients paying less than the posted airport operation fees at over 200 different airports across the entire globe.

Ground Handling Services

When you require on-the-ground support for your flight needs, our Ground Ops team steps in to ensure that all these service requirements for the flights are 100% covered. Our continuous monitoring ensures that all the procedures are completed in a timely manner, and in the way that it was specified to be carried out. We understand that every second counts, therefore we are more than dedicated to ensuring that we meet our client’s tight schedules our range of services are highly extensive and are fit for any client’s needs. Our offerings are very flexible and tailor-made for each and every specific client requirement.

SkyOneFZE Ground handling services
SkyOneFZE Sky Permit Support

Flight Permit Support

At Sky One FZE, we can guarantee you the securing of all types of flight permits on short notice, for an extensive range of destinations across the entire world. We understand that flight permits are a very challenging requirement for many airlines and flight operators due to the high number of variable factors and documents that must be considered when applying for them. Therefore, we provide our clients with a simplified service that takes the entire load off their shoulders, making for a much smoother experience. Our flight permit supporting team plans and arranges overflight permits, landing permits, permit revisions, and slot coordination services. Backed by years of industry experience, our team has built a strong and resourceful network around the world which ensures that all the required permits requested by our clients are obtained in record time, even when given a short notice.

Aircraft Solutions

We offer our clients a complete range of aircraft solutions that cover all types of air charter and ACMI, including dry, damp and wet leasing. Whether it is passenger or troops transport, delivery of humanitarian goods, medicines or cargo, we have handled it all for our partners. Our clients benefit from our extremely flexible offerings with packages that are tailor-made specifically for their needs. We offer these solutions all over the world, and have already operated extensively in the Asian and EMEA markets. All our aircraft solutions are handled by highly qualified, trained, and experienced professionals that work around the clock to ensure that the client’s demands are met in any way that they desire.

SkyOneFZE Aircraft Solutions
SkyOneFZE Aircraft Management

Aircraft Management

Whether you require all-round management for your fleet of aircraft or are just seeking specific individual services, like crew dispatch, management, maintenance, or fuel purchases, you can rely on Sky One for all your wants and needs. We pride ourselves on providing the ultimate standard of performance in all our business activities. We offer highly flexible and customizable packages so you can get precisely what you want, where you want it and whenever you want it. Our professional and client-oriented service teams guarantee optimal value retention for your fleets. Our staff is highly experienced and trained in the best techniques that are currently available, both on the ground and in the air.

Network Airline Management

Our team at Sky One FZE has amassed years of experience when it comes to the field of network airline management. Our dedicated and experienced specialists work around the clock to ensure the consistent delivery of customized cargo solutions for our client base. Ranging from a wide range of cargo, the transport of industrial-sized machinery, and even troops, our capabilities are endless. We are able to offer our client base a fleet of freight aircrafts, providing them with both scheduled and chartered services on a worldwide basis. Our services are held to a high standard of quality, delivered by a team of expert specialists who ensure that all client needs are met to their exact specification, and no delays or errors occur in the process.

SkyOneFZE Network Airline Management