Sky One Aviation: Your Trusted Aviation Solutions Provider

Since our inception, Sky One FZE has grown all the way from a charter company to a multi-dimensional aviation organization. We provide our clients with innovative solutions thanks to our experience and knowledge of a wide variety of regions and markets. We pride ourselves on our expansive fleet of assets and robust international expertise, which easily sets us apart from the average charter providers and allows us to ensure a stress-free atmosphere for our clients, even when operating in difficult regions. 

Our services range from essential options such as ACMI, cargo and fuel services, all the way to complicated ones such as complete aircraft maintenance, ERP solutions, emergency services, crew training and more. Our extensive capabilities always exceed client expectations to guarantee efficient, timely and reliable support. We pride ourselves on meeting all aviation needs, be it simple or complicated. We have successfully managed to tap into multiple markets around the world, especially in the Asian and African region, garnering us numerous satisfied clients who count Sky One as their preferred aviation services partner.


We aim to provide all of our clients with a one stop shop for all their aviation needs by utilizing innovative and effective ideas.


We strive to exceed clients' expectations by thoroughly understanding their exact business requirements, which allows us to tailor a detailed and comprehensive plan that fulfils all their needs.



Founded in 2008, Sky One FZE was incorporated with the purpose of expanding the airline charter services provided by Aerospace Consortium within the Middle East region from 1996 until 2009. In its initial stages, Sky One’s founder, Mr. Jaideep Mirchandani, was operating out of India. Finally, in 2003 he made the permanent move to the UAE, after which the company grew at a rapid rate.


Between the years 2006 and 2021, Sky One FZE entered a partnership deal with Supreme Food GMBH, which proved to be an instrumental decision in the process of delivering food and perishables for both NATO and US forces. This specific delivery required the use of Hybrid Charter-ACMI operations, utilizing the use of both helicopters and airplanes. Thus, Sky One FZE was created in the year 2008 for the purpose of leasing operations for both fixed-wing as well as rotary-winged aircrafts.


Core Team
Mr.Jaideep Mirchandani.JPG

Jaideep Mirchandani


Jaideep Mirchandani is Sky One FZE’s Chairman, a company specializing in aviation leasing and charter entity. He has a stake in a number of aviation firms located in different parts of the world, which manage an extensive fleet of both fixed and rotary winged aircrafts. Mr. Jaideep is a simple and passionate aviation entrepreneur, boasting over 30 years of core aviation experience in regions such as the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

He is a main investor in Skyteq Maintenance Service (SMS), an aircraft maintenance company. He has set an incredibly high standard of excellence for his operations and is committed to a high level of compliance and accountability in all organizational aspects. As the Group Chairman of Sky One, he has demonstrated the highest standard of integrity and has focused on building a positive and sustainable culture for all the stakeholders. Besides cementing his name as a leader in the aviation industry, Mr. Jaideep has also contributed his time and effort towards religion and uplifting his society. He has a widely respected reputation and following in local markets due to his innovative strategies that have helped achieve significant success.

Charles Szar


In his role as the CEO, Charles Szar has set the strategic direction of the organization and has supported his initiatives in order to ensure Sky One FZE provides a world-class aircraft charter experience. He is responsible for overseeing all the functional divisions within the organization, including the B747, B737, and A320 programs. Since he joined Sky One FZE in 2019, Mr. Charles has been working closely with Mr. Jaideep to meet business development and revenue targets that will rightfully align with the strategic goals of the organization.

Possessing a relentless commitment to quality, as well as a love for aviation and passion for the people, Mr. Charles aims to develop Sky One FZE to be the top aircraft charter company in the world. Being a holder of two master’s degrees from the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, he is a seasoned aviation professional with over 25 years in the US Army and Air Force, as well as with some aviation experience. In his proven history of successfully leading international aviation organizations, his most notable achievement was a $750m business deal supporting the US Forces.

Shabbir Pirmohamed.JPG

Shabbir Pirmohamed


Shabbir Pirmohamed is an accomplished aviation professional with extensive experience as an executive leader, program director, and asset manager. As a member of the Sky One FZE Board of Directors, Mr. Shabbir handles group strategy, planning, asset management, and acquisitions. As COO, he is responsible for The Zoom Air program in addition to other areas, including procurement and logistics, maintenance, and technical departments. He is passionate about building and maintaining a dependable, technically sound product range for customers while fostering a positive work environment for his team. 

Mr. Shabbir brings an impressive skill set and a wealth of experience to Sky One FZE. He holds an MBA and is an EASA66 B1/B2/C Licensed Aircraft Engineer. He is experienced in providing turnkey solutions to all sectors across the aviation industry, including Head of State programs, UHNWI, Governments, and company groups. 

Kashif Sadiq

Senior Vice President, B747 Program

As Senior Vice President, Kashif Sadiq is responsible for the strategic and tactical planning of the B747 program to ensure a safe, profitable, and legally compliant program. An experienced aviation services manager, he specializes in assessing project challenges and delivering solutions. Mr. Kashif’s passion for analytics allows him to gain an understanding of complex operational and financial problems and apply practical and pragmatic solutions. He earned a BBA and MBA from Preston University and brings over 24 years of experience to the Sky One FZE team. 

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Waqar Azeem

Senior Vice President, B737 Program

Waqar Azeem graduated from the University of Oxford with a Master's degree in aviation management. He is particularly skilled in aircraft management, aircraft sales and purchasing, certifications, and leasing. His interest in aviation, airplanes and analytics led him to pursue a career in the aviation industry and become a seasoned pilot. As Senior Vice President, Mr. Waqar is in charge of putting Sky One FZE's B737 Program's business and financial strategies into action. In his role, Mr. Waqar oversees internal operations for the B-737 program with a commitment to building strong customer relationships. Waqar is particularly skilled in aircraft management, aircraft sales and purchasing, certifications, and leasing. 

Ruslana Nefedova

Senior Vice President, A320 Program

Ruslana Nefedova brings a wealth of expertise to Sky One FZE with over 17 years of experience in customer service and business development. As the Senior Vice President of the A320 Program, she coordinates with other departments and service providers to ensure the highest level of service delivery standards. Ms. Ruslana holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration as well as a Master’s in International Economic Relations. She holds an additional Specialist’s Degree in Interpretation and is fluent in Russian, English, Ukrainian, and Arabic. In addition to her background in customer service and business development, she possesses a thorough knowledge of international and local laws as well as expertise in establishing and registering new businesses in the UAE.

Ms.Ruslana Nefedova